AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "Raider pickup 3 0L V6 4X4", "RAIDER PICKUP 3 0L V6 4X4"); 700R4 PCB-15 H/S 2000 to 2200 RPM STALL 27 SPLINE. You have discovered the difference in a stock TH350 and 400 converter.. LOL. This kit is designed specifically to adapt the late model LS 4L60E to a one-piece rear main seal small-block Chevy. AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "Del Sol 1.6L L4", "DEL SOL 1.6L L4"); AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "Civic 1.5L 1.6L L4", "CIVIC 1.5L 1.6L L4"); AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "Station Wagon", "STATION WAGON"); if (MakesList[MakesList.selectedIndex].value == "Range Rover") { AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "Colt 1 5L L4", "COLT 1 5L L4"); AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "604 2.7L -- 2.8L", "604 2.7L -- 2.8L"); Sources: Automotive Racing Products (ARP),; Chevrolet Performance,; Holley Performance Products (Lakewood),; Hughes Performance,; TCI Automotive, AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "3500", "3500"); AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "Q45 4.1L 4.5L V8", "Q45 4.1L 4.5L V8"); AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "Town & Country Van", "TOWN & COUNTRY VAN"); The larger pattern can then be slightly elongated inboard to adapt to the 11.1-inch LS-style converter pattern. AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "850 W/5.4L V12", "850 W/5.4L V12"); AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "Versailles", "VERSAILLES"); AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "Pickup 2.4L L4 Turbo", "PICKUP 2.4L L4 TURBO"); 7,780 posts, read 20,893,753 . Years of experience and state of the art equipment allow for high capacity output, while maintaining the highest quality product. AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "Rolls Royce", "ROLLS ROYCE"); Check this out. Gregg Nader is the Sonnax high performance transmission product line manager. AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "Mizer", "MIZER"); AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "", "Select Model"); AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "Seville STS", "SEVILLE STS"); AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "Grand Cherokee 5.2L -- 5.9L -- 6.4L V8", "GRAND CHEROKEE 5.2L -- 5.9L -"); AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "Accord 1.8L L4", "ACCORD 1.8L L4"); "MegaRaptor-2". AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "1500 & 1725 P.B. 350 hydromatics come in 3 tailshaft lenths (sic) 6 inch 9 and 12 they have the same output spline flexplate bolt pattern and engine mounting pattern to swap out a 700 r4 you need a 9 inch you will have to move the transmission support forward several inches .this causes a little alinement issue with the shift shaft in some applicatinos but it This means many of the Sonnax parts developed to improve 4L60-E performance and durability also can be used in the 700-R4. if (MakesList[MakesList.selectedIndex].value == "Rover") { AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "Conquest 2 6L L4", "CONQUEST 2 6L L4"); if (MakesList[MakesList.selectedIndex].value == "Ford") { AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "190", "190"); AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "Monza", "MONZA"); TCI sells this pilot adapter for under $30, which is as much as $20 less than other adapters. if (MakesList[MakesList.selectedIndex].value == "Lancia") { Works with both carbureted and fuel injected engines; Saves you from having to buy any separate, expensive computer-controlled equipment. AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "E class", "E CLASS"); 700-R4 (4L60) Clutch Feed Orifices to Drill to Fine Tune Shift Feel. AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "Laser 2 0L L4 AWD", "LASER 2 0L L4 AWD"); AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "Mirage 1.8L L4", "MIRAGE 1.8L L4"); AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "240SX 2.4L L4", "240SX 2.4L L4"); AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "Pickup 3.0L -- 3.3L V6 (4x4)", "PICKUP 3.0L -- 3.3L V6 (4X4)"); AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "Suburban (1/2 ton)", "SUBURBAN (1/2 TON)"); Made in the usa using high quality materials and assembly. AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "1900 Ascona", "1900 ASCONA"); While its an older transmission, the 700-R4 is no slouch and still very capable in many applications up to about 750HP. With a good converter, it takes 200 or more rpm off the cruise rpm. AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "Axxess 2.4L L4", "AXXESS 2.4L L4"); AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "Hombre 2.2L L4 -- 4.3L V6", "HOMBRE 2.2L L4 -- 4.3L V6"); AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "Colt 1 6L L4", "COLT 1 6L L4"); AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "576 -- 610 -- 710 -- 720 -- 810 -- 1200", "576 -- 610 -- 710 -- 720 --"); AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "Encore", "ENCORE"); Build with a torque converter lock, a 27-spline input/output shaft, 11-quart fuel capacity, a case length . } The 4.3 basically gets the Corvette converter which, behind a 350, would stall around 2200. Now all I need to do is run a hot wire to my 700R4 to operate the torque converter lock-up. AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "Spectrum 1 5L L4", "SPECTRUM 1 5L L4"); AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "All", "ALL"); Have 12v going to the trans for lockup controlled with a push button switch on the shift knob, goes through the brake switch & has a led to indicate when locked. Thanks in advance. All 125-C, 440-T4, 4T60, and 4T60-E transmissions use the same style torque converter, and they are interchangeable before 1996. $279. Roadkill Customs has evolved from local hot rod shop to online how-to magazine for budget-minded do-it-yourself hot rod builders and enthusiasts. AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "Neon", "NEON"); AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "Mirada", "MIRADA"); AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "Corolla 1.8L L4 (Diesel)", "COROLLA 1.8L L4 (DIESEL)"); AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "Legend 2.7L -- 3.2L V6", "LEGEND 2.7L -- 3.2L V6"); AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "Barracuda", "BARRACUDA"); AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "Quantum 1.6L -- 1.7L -- 1.8L L4", "QUANTUM 1.6L -- 1.7L -- 1.8L"); AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "LX470 4.7L V8", "LX470 4.7L V8"); AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "XJ6 4.0L L6", "XJ6 4.0L L6"); AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "Cressida 2.8L L6", "CRESSIDA 2.8L L6"); AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "Contour", "CONTOUR"); AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "960 3.0L L4 (AW30-40)", "960 3.0L L4 (AW30-40)"); AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "808", "808"); if (MakesList[MakesList.selectedIndex].value == "American Motors Corp (AMC)") { AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "Expo LRV 1.8L L4", "EXPO LRV 1.8L L4"); AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "All", "ALL"); Not available in F-Bodies, B-Bodies, or Vettes. AddToOptionList(document.VehicleRef.Models, "Kadette", "KADETTE"); Select Transmission03-55 (AW55)03-55/56 (A40,A41)03-56/55 (A40,41)03-70 (A42D)03-70 (AW70)03-70L (AW70L)03-71 (AW71)03-71L (AW71L)03-72L (A44DL)03-72L (AW72L)03-72LE (A43D)03-72LE (A44DE)2 speed3 speed30-40LE (A340F)30-80LE (A340H)3L30 (TH180C)3T404139414141TE (A604)42RE (A500)45RFE46RH/RE (A518)4EAT-F4EAT-G4F20E -- RE4FO4A/V4L30E4L604L60E4L80E4R44E4R44E -- 4R55E4R55E4R70W4T40E4T604T60E4T65E4T80E5R55E722 1722 3722 4722 5722.1722.3A10A130LA131LA132LA140EA140E/LA141EA20A240EA240LA241EA241HA241LA242LA243LA244EA245EA246EA247EA24A -- A2YAA30A340EA340FA340HA341EA343FA350EA40A404A40DA41A413A413/470A413/670A42DLA43A43DA43DEA43DLA440FA440HA442FA44DA44DEA44DLA45DFA45DLA46DEA46DFA470A4AF1 -- A4AF2 -- F4A32A4AF1 -- F4A32A4BF1 -- F4A32A4LDA4RA S24AA500A518/A618A540EA540HA541EA55A55FA604A604/41TEA606A670A6VAA727A904A999AKAluminum PowerglideAODAODEAPX4APXAAR4ASAT540AT542ATXAW 30-40LE (A341E)AW 50-42LEAW30-40LE (A340F)AW372 (A44D)AW372L (A44DL)AW375 (A44D)AW50-40AW60-40LEAW71AX4NAX4SAXODAXODEB4RA -- B46A -- M4RAB6VAB7XAB7YABAXABW35BW35TBBW37TBBW55BW65BW65 -- BW66BW66BW8/12BWT35C3C4C5C6CACD4ECruiseomaticE/L4N71BE4N71BE4ODEC8 -- R4AXELECVTF3AF4F4A23F4A33-1F4A41F4A42F4A51F4A-ELF4AEL 4EAT-FF7 (440T4)FM2FMXFordomaticG4G4A-ELG4AEL 4EAT-GG4A-HLGF4A-ELHON-3HON-4HT740JF403EJR403EK4KM 171-1KM148 (A44D)KM170KM170-1KM170-2KM171-1KM171-2KM171-5KM171-5 -- F3A21-1KM171-5 -- F3A21-2KM172KM175-1KM175-2KM175-5KM175-5 -- F4A22-1KM175-5 -- F4A22-2KM176-5 -- 4A21-2KM176-5 -- F4A21-1KM176-5 -- F4A21-2KM177KM177-8KM177-8 -- F4A23-1KM177-8 -- F4A23-2L3N71BL4L4N71BL5LJ4A-ELM1WAM41AM5DAM5HAM7ZAM9RAMB1MB1 -- MJ3MJ3MP1A -- M6HAMP7A -- SP7A -- S4XAMPJAMPJA/MDWAMPOA -- A0YAMPRAMPWAMPXAMPYAMPZAMS7 (A240E)MS7 (A245E)MT640MXMX1 (A131L)MX17MX17 (A210)N4A-ELPIPL5XPowrfloPX4BPY8A MY8AR4A-EL (RE4R01A)RE4F02ARE4F03ARE4F03A/VRE4F04ARE4R01ARE4R03ARE5R01AREN4141RL3F01ARL4F02ARL4F03ARL4F03A/VRL4R01AROS5SDMA/M4TAST300TAATTF6/904TF6/A904TF6/A999TF8/727TF8/A727TH125TH125 -- TH125CTH125CTH125C/3T40TH180TH180 -- TH180CTH180CTH180C (3L30)TH200TH200 -- TH200CTH200-4RTH200CTH250TH250CTH325TH325-4LTH350TH350 -- TH350CTH350CTH375TH400TH400 (3L80)TH425TH440T/4T60TH440T4TH440T4/4T60TH700R4TH700R4/4L60TiptronicUKNVW003VW010VW087VW089VW090VW095 -- VW096VW096VW097VW098W4A32W4A32-1W4A33-1ZF3HP12ZF3HP22ZF4HP14ZF4HP18ZF4HP18FAL/EZF4HP18FLA/EZF4HP18QZF4HP22ZF4HP22 -- ZF4HP24ZF4HP24ZF5HPZF5HP18ZF5HP19ZF5HP24ZF5HP30,